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Know Your Customer

Confident, transparent Know Your Customer compliance
Verify potential business partners With 175 years history of entity verification and risk profiling,
Dun & Bradstreet helps you validate whether your customers are who they say they are. Our global database of more than 300 million businesses addresses end-to-end due diligence, across the globe and across regulations. You can also identify beneficial ownership more easily—whether it is corporate ownership or people owning shares. Factor in a unique Legal Entity Identifier for data accuracy, the end result being reliable KYC due diligence.
Screen businesses and principals Dun & Bradstreet partners with risk intelligence and screening providers to evaluate businesses and named individuals, enabling access to more than one million PEPs, hundreds of watch and sanctions lists, and thousands of adverse media and regulatory actions. Now you can understand if a business and its principals are who they say they are, establish Ultimate Beneficial Ownership and efficiently identify ‘at risk’ customers, partners and other third parties.
Document your compliance process To be effective in the long-term, your KYC compliance strategy needs to be tracked, audited and stored. Dun & Bradstreet electronically documents your end-to-end due diligence results, including comprehensive audit trail, user-entered notes, snapshots of reports used and time, and date-and user-stamped activity. That gives you a clear audit trail to meet internal and external obligations, minimize regulatory and reputational risks and comply with laws and regulations.
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