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Credit & Risk Management

DNBi Risk Management

Advanced rules-based capabilities to help credit teams automate and systematize new credit application review and account management processes
Automate and standardize credit rules and policiesA powerful credit risk management solution. Its easy-to-use interface is delivered directly to your desktop for instant access to the best commercial credit intelligence, including payment history, financial information, predictive scoring and analysis of more than 250 million businessesDownload Brochure

A suite of options for advanced credit needs

DNBi offers advanced rules-based capabilities to support more complex credit risk management needs. DNBi’s five powerful add-on modules provide end-to-end risk management coverage that combine your own company data with Dun & Bradstreet’s critical information on more than 250 million company records worldwide—letting you make decisions on new credit applications instantly, standardize your credit review processes, conduct advanced portfolio and account analysis and manage your account portfolio more effectively.
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Enable automation of new application reviews for your credit organization

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Automate and expedite your accounts receivable management processes.

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Get a big-picture view of your accounts portfolio to help enrich your cash management strategy.

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