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Access to reliable data and analytics has never been more important in driving sustainable growth. Armed with the right insights, companies have greater assurance that resources and investments are being directed toward the highest-value opportunities. But it can be challenging to efficiently leverage data to drive profitable growth. The pressure is clearly on. And the onus is no longer just on sales and marketing to drive growth — every department is responsible for accelerating revenue.

Companies with advanced data strategies are twice as likely to report more than 30% revenue growth

Harvard Business Review, 2017

Accelerate Revenue Across the Business

Finance teams have traditionally been responsible for reducing losses and mitigating risk. But now they’re also being tasked with uncovering new business opportunities. Finance and sales should share the same complementary goals: driving revenue and increasing profits. And while procurement and supplier management leaders don’t drive revenue growth directly, they help drive it indirectly by preventing sales-inhibiting supply chain disruptions and negative brand perceptions from non-compliant behavior or relationships.

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Leveraging data and insights from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud and the solutions they power, departments across the enterprise can benefit from our unique set of industry-leading solutions. Whether it’s improving account-based marketing (ABM) strategies or maximizing working capital, Dun & Bradstreet helps fuel the growth engine and deliver revenue faster.

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