Only Hungary's elite companies can hold Bisnode AAA, AA and A certificates
Bisnode Tanúsítvány

The most proven rating model

Showcase your company's financial stability

Internationally, Bisnode has been rating companies in view of their reliabilities since 1908; its company information and company rating services are among the most wide-spread solutions across Europe. The AAA rating was introduced in 1989, and it is 1996 since companies have had the option to demonstrate their business reliability in the form of certificates, as well. The certificate is a means of showing to others that your company is a recognized, reliable and creditworthy entity.

The AAA rating takes a series of variables into consideration to establish on statistical grounds which Hungary's most reliable companies are. Boasting of triple A, double A or even A rating is not just source of reputation, but at the same time excellent indication to suppliers in relation to your financial reliability, a sign for the competitors or even your foreign shareholders what a steady actor your company is in the Hungarian market. Furthermore, you can imply confidence for your employees, or communicate to your customers that your company carries low risks, and therefore is worth making business with.

In Hungary, only 9.82% of the companies deserve AAA, AA or A rating, which means it is a distinction to have a Bisnode certificate. Being one of the country's most prestigious companies conveys the message to the market that companies with AAA, AA or A rating are safe to deal with, and can be counted on in the long term.

Bisnode Tanúsítvány - AAA tanúsítvány

Differentiate yourself with the help of Bisnode

Credit rating based on quality data

AAA – Highest Creditworthiness

Only 0.63 % of the companies in Hungary have AAA (triple A) rating, and therefore the financial risks of establishing business relations with them are extremely low.

AA – Creditworthy

1.75% of Hungarian companies are entitled to AA (double A) rating. With them, one can enter into business relations with very low financial risks.

A – Creditworthy

In Hungary, only 7.44 % of the companies deserve A rating, which means excellent creditworthiness. Business relations established with them carry low financial risks.

Bisnode Certificate

Bisnode Certificate


Bisnode Certificate

Bisnode Certificate


Bisnode Certificate

Bisnode Certificate


Bisnode Tanúsítvány Arany, Ezüst, Bronz Oklevél

Bronze Certificate

For companies eligible and renewing for 2 consecutive years

Bisnode Tanúsítvány Ezüst oklevél

Silver Certificate

For companies eligible and renewing for 3 and 4 consecutive years

Bisnode Tanúsítvány - Arany oklevél

Gold Certificate

For companies eligible and renewing for 5 consecutive years