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We use smart people to make yout data smarter

Our Analytics and AI teams are on the frontline of data science today
  • Advanced data science team working across Europe
  • Analytics and AI solutions throughout the whole customer lifecycle
  • Predictive modelling
  • Score cards for risk assessment
  • Customer profiling and market analysis
  • Customer prioritization and analytics-based prospecti

We apply our analytics and AI solutions to tangible challenges and needs occurring in the customer lifecycle

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Customer profiling and market analysis

We help you understand who your customers are, beyond the transactional data. For B2B customers, this means painting a picture of the companies you are interacting with. For example which industries they are in and how they will perform the coming year. For B2C customers, we add information about the person behind the transaction. What life phase they are in, where/how they live and purchasing power. After identifying your key market segment, we can evaluate the potential.

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Analytics-based prospecting

We do predictive modelling to identify and prioritize the best acquisition targets in the market. Most often, we analyze the existing customers to find the most likely prospects out there. We do this for B2B and B2C. For B2B we have developed a unique ML approach, combining online data with customer and Bisnode structured data. The solution is an Automated Lead Generation tool.
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Scorecards for Risk & Credit

The scorecards we build help our customers decide on the business risk associated with a person or company. These scores are integrated into the credit reports, decisioning, monitoring and portfolio management Bisnode offers. On top of what’s readily available in our platforms we build scorecards uniquely designed for a specific customer. This allows us to optimize acceptance rates and associated risk to increase the revenue for our customers without affecting the risk levels.