Aktuális információk a Dun & Bradstreet minősítési rendszeréről és azok használatáról az Oroszországgal szembeni szankciók vonatkozásában. Bővebben

Live Business Identity

Comprehensive and Continually Updated View of Business Entities
Wide Range of Insights

Wide Range of Insights

Like personal identities, which are much more than a fingerprint, Live Business Identity goes beyond D‑U‑N‑S to bring in additional valuable elements, such as the identification of connections between entities. Live Business Identity also provides many use-case-specific data elements about a company, including:
  • Device identifiers and IP addresses for targeted digital marketing
  • Industry profiles for intelligent sales prospecting
  • Contact information for direct customer connection
  • Extensive payment history for better predictability
  • Entity ownership insights to know who ultimately benefits from a company’s performance.
Predictive and prescriptive analytics and scores round out the insights Live Business Identity delivers.