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Growth in a changing world

Growth in a changing world

In today's market, conditions are changing at an ever-faster pace. What was self-evident yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow. The factors affecting customer needs, behavior and buying decisions vary now more than ever before. There is therefore a direct business-critical value in the study of information that can tell you if the market is about to shift and alert you to any challenges ahead. Interpreting and taking advantage of variability and data can thus be one of the most important competitive advantages available today.


With Dun & Bradstreet’s solution for customized data, we combine your existing customer data with relevant and constantly updated information from Dun & Bradstreet. Using advanced analytics, you can perform tasks such as integrating segmentation models in your customer database, producing more complete forecasts and identifying potential in your existing customer portfolio.

Forecasts are often based on historical trends. But to remain successful in a changing market, it is increasingly important to be able to predict what tomorrow's consumers will want. You must interpret information streams early on and detect trend shifts and changes in consumer behavior.

For your business to succeed, you need to identify what data is business-critical to you and think about what parameters you should match the data with to create more reliable forecasts. Bisnode’s predictive analysis helps you identify what information is relevant for your business and how it can be used. This data is then added to your existing data and thus gives you a more comprehensive basis for decisions. This lets you create conditions for greater competitiveness and ensured future profitability.

Basing the development of your business strategy solely on historical data means relying on relatively static information, which will not give very much guidance on what the business potential looks like going forward. Companies merge, change ownership, replace board members and move between countries. The number of employees increase, product ranges broaden, and commodity prices alter competition between different countries. All this information is available and updated daily in databases worldwide.

Individual events can have a major impact on sales, leading to strong growth and new business opportunities. Bisnode’s analytical methods will help you identify the relationship between these changes and the future potential of existing customers. With our Potential Revenue Model, we identify where in the customer base the real sales potential lies. This gives you the opportunity to generate more revenue without having to chase new customers.

Bisnode’s scoring is a deep analysis of a select group of customers. By identifying those customers who like you today, we can build an analytical model that precisely identifies which ones are likely to appreciate you tomorrow. The same applies to understanding which customers do not value you as highly and thereby are not as resource-efficient to spend time on.

Our scoring model compares your customer data and then scores individual customers based on how likely they are to become customers, buy more, more often, or defect. Based on your customer lists, we build a unique model for your business. This gives you the answers to which customers are in the risk zone and which have great potential for cross-selling and upselling. Scoring can also apply to customers who are not in your existing portfolio and can thus be a valuable tool for new sales. Since our analysis runs deep and evaluates the details, you will receive clear guidance on how to prioritize your customers and how you can best generate new business.

Knowing what percentage of their purchases a customer places in your business provides you with valuable business-critical information. It gives a clear picture of the potential of your existing customer base and can be used to build effective business strategies. How much customers spend with you is supplemented with data about the market, how much they buy in total and how that amount is distributed among various suppliers.

By understanding how much customers are likely to buy from your competitors and thus would be able to buy from you, you can prioritize the right actions and offers to your existing customers. The analysis also shows which customers spend a high proportion of their total purchasing power with you and lets you ensure that the customer relationship is nurtured. With a complete understanding of proportion and loyalty, both the sales and marketing activities can be optimized to enable profitable growth.