People Monitoring REST

Implementation guide

Implement component that uploads persons to the Batch REST endpoint and a component that retrieves changes from Items REST endpoint. Depending on the need and way of implementation, Register info endpoint might be handy to see what is actually happening in your register.

This guide gives detailed instructions how to implement the service. The usage of the endpoints are described in detail below.

API endpoints

Name Method Url pattern Description
Batch POST
  •{Register Id}/batch - TEST
  •{Register Id}/batch - PROD
Insert, update and delete items in register
Items GET{Register Id}/items - TEST{Register Id}/items - PROD
Prepare and get changes relating register items
Register info GET{Register Id} - TEST{Register Id} - PROD
Returns register basic info and last 1000 events

Notice: Register id may be different in test and productions. You must make it configurable. API key and base url is allways environment specific.