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AAA Rating-model


AAA Rating-malli suomeksi

AAA-Rating is an automatic, constantly updated creditworthiness rating system. By systematically collecting and analysing information concerning operation, background, finances and ability to pay, it evaluates the creditworthiness of a company and its ability to handle obligations related to normal business operations. As the AAA-Rating is automatically updated, its information is more real-time than that of any other creditworthiness Rating. As it is mechanically produced, it is always objective and facilitates comparisons between companies.



Business Rating Categories

AAA Highest Creditworthiness
AA Good Creditworthiness
A Creditworthy
AN New Company with positive background
Not Rated Information missing or inconsistent
B Credit against securities
C Credit rejected

Part judgements

Output values of Operation

Well established History more than 2 periods, active according to tax authorities
Newly established History less than 2 periods, active according to tax authorities
Activity unconfirmed Registered by Companies House, activity not confirmed by tax authorities

Earlier active, now activity not confirmed by tax authorities

Liquidation Status according to Companies House or tax authorities
Dissolved Status according to Companies House or tax authorities

Output values of Background

Positive Positive parent company or group, wide ownership etc.
Not negative Credit history of responsible persons positive

Foreign parent company or responsible persons missing IDs

Negative Parent company’s rating or credit history of responsible persons negative
Not rated Board and other responsible persons missing

Output values of Finance


Financial ratios excellent


Financial ratios better than average


Financial ratios average


Financials available older than 24 months

Not rateable

Financial analysis not possible because of nature of the business(banks, insurance companies etc)


Financial ratios worse than average


Financial ratios poor, equity ratio often negative

Output values of Ability to pay


No payment remarks, trade experiences positive (>72)

Not negative

No payment remarks, fresh trade experiences missing

Slightly negative

Old payment remark or Paydex 60-72


Payment remarks or Paydex 40-59

Very negative

Several payment remarks or Paydex <40