Dun & Bradstreet Public API

We provide lot of information on Estonian companies and consumers for you to integrate with your systems. As leader of data and analytics in Europe we also offer business information from many other countries.

General company information
Get general information of an Estonian company such as name, type, registration date, VAT number main activity and contacts. Also get credit rating and suggested credit limit. Get up to 50 general information requests per month for free!
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Negative information
Get information on company's tax arrears, court decisions on debt, enforcement notices and debt collection cases to evaluate company's ability to pay.
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Persons in company
Get information on management of the company and learn who has right to represent the company. Also learn about shareholders, members of the supervisory board and other connected persons.
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Financial data
Get information on company's financial situation. We provide data from annual reports and also Tax and Customs board quartely data.
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Company credit reports
Get detailed credit report of given company, including general information, connected persons with history, information on background, financial data, payment remarks. Credit report includes also credit rating and suggested credit limit.
  • < 20 credit reports per month = 9,99 per request
  • 21-50 credit reports per month = 9,49 per request
  • 51-100 credit reports per month = 8,99 per request
  • 101-500 credit reports per month = 7,99 per request
  • 501+ credit reports per month = ask for the offer!
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Consumer background check
Consumer background check should be performed when issuing loans, renting out property, hiring employees etc.
  • < 50 background checks / month = 2,99 per request
  • 51-100 background checks / month = 2,79 per request
  • 101-500 background checks / month = 2,49 per request
  • 501-1000 background checks / month = 1,99 per request
  • 1001+ background checks / month = ask for the offer!
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