Our People at Work

Our employees are key to our success


Dun & Bradstreet actively works to prevent both direct and indirect discrimination and we do not tolerate any kind of victimization or harassment, regardless of the background. Dun & Bradstreet applies equal pay and other terms for equal skills and work. All employees have equal rights to develop their own skills.

Victimization is defined as recurring actions that are condescending or otherwise characterized by negative treatment toward a single coworker. For example, the term includes bullying and physical violence. Harassment is defined as a behavior that violates a person's dignity and that is connected to any discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, functional disability, sexual orientation or age.

Ethnic diversity

Dun & Bradstreet strives to encourage ethnic diversity. When recruiting, it shall be clearly stated that Dun & Bradstreet welcomes applicants with foreign backgrounds and educations. Credentials and experience should always be evaluated in a way that ensures applicants with foreign backgrounds are not disadvantaged. When work is planned and organized, consideration should be given to ensuring that the work does not prevent anyone from practicing their religion, visiting their home country or celebrating national or religious holidays.

Equal opportunities

In line with our equality policy, we shall actively work toward gender-neutral recruitment and a more even gender balance in all parts of our organization. Dun & Bradstreet's employees shall always have equal working conditions and the same development opportunities. There shall also be equal opportunities for women and men to combine their professional work with parenthood and we shall have a positive attitude toward parenthood and part-time work.