Digital transformation

The fourth communication revolution

Digital transformation permeates our world

We are in the midst of a digital transformation — a development that will affect companies, organizations and individuals on a deep level and for a long time. This development is driven and made possible in large part by data, and it is only when companies and organizations fully utilize the potential of this data that the digital transformation really takes off. This may entail new ways of managing the organization, new business models, reduced costs or new forms of cooperation for the various players in the organization.

Here, we share Bisnode’s pioneering journey in refined data, or as we prefer to call it, smart data. Join the revolution and gain new insights from news, articles, trendspotting and analyses.

Make smart business decisions

Discover what smart data and analytics can do for you and your business

Enrich your data & secure accuracy

Use smart data to get an overall view of your customers, businesses, risks and opportunities.

  • Ensure data quality in your systems and processes
  • Enrich your data with Bisnode quality & reference data
  • Ensure compliance by data

Maximise your Return On Relations

Use smart data to identify and target new customers, drive sales, optimize risk and build long-lasting customer relationships.

  • Identify and reach new customers
  • Optimize your risk and credit management
  • Keep existing customers and develop your relationship with them
  • Monitor and manage your customer interfaces

Automate your day-to-day business decisions

Use smart data for more efficient decision-making processes in your daily business operations.

  • Reinforce your marketing using data, alerts and triggers
  • Automate your risk and credit processes
  • Integrate quality data into your business processes