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We would like to know about your thoughts and experiences

Dun & Bradstreet is performing customer survey´s or client interviews with the objective to strengthen our customer relations, improve and develop our products and services.

When you have agreed to be part of our client panel, you will receive up to 10 survey invitations per year. Although we would appreciate that you take part, you are not obliged to accept any of the invitations.


Our customer surveys

Dun & Bradstreet is currently performing the following customers surveys.

  • One-question survey sent out to our existing clients by email on a regular basis

  • Multiple question surveys sent by e-mail, conducted by phone or in online meetings carried out by a Dun & Bradstreet employee or a trusted partner.


How we will process personal data

The personal data we collect, and process is your name, email, phone, and role within your company. Our key focus is to find out on yours and your company´s opinion and experience of our products.

The information is mainly provided by you through the interview or your written response to the survey. In addition, we may use data collected from our own ERP-system.

The collected information will solely be used to fulfil the intended purposes of the survey as stated above. We will analyse the collected information and improve how our business is conducted. The result of our analysis will be the sole property of Dun & Bradstreet. The non-disclosure provisions of our service agreement will in addition apply. We will protect collected data according to the prevailing standard applied by Dun & Bradstreet to safeguard our own data.

Your information will however not be shared with any third party outside of the Dun & Bradstreet group of companies. The reason why we share data within the group is that the same or similar products are provided in other countries and the collected data may be transferred to third countries outside of the EU/ EEA. We will in such case implement appropriate and sufficient safeguards according to GDPR.

We will delete the collected data in accordance with our prevailing retention rules. If you revoke your consent to participate, we will delete the data immediately.


When participating and responding to survey

As a gesture of our appreciation that you are willing to participate in the survey, we might offer a small gift, such as a gift card, et cetera. By participating in the survey, you confirm you have a right to do so and also to receive a small gift according to your company policy.


If you want to revoke your consent

We appreciate if you participate in the survey, which is entirely based on yours and your company´s consent. If you later would like to revoke this consent this can be made with immediate effect. Please contact us, or press the unsubscribe button in the email attached in the end of the emails


Further information on processing of personal data

The legal entity responsible for the processing the data (personal and other) is the Dun & Bradstreet company which your company has entered into a service agreement.

Additional information how data is processed, and on your individual rights and how to make a complaint can be found here.