Security and Data protection

Together with technology and IT security, information security protects the valuable, and sometimes sensitive, data that is our company's bread and butter. As importantly, employees are trained and kept up to date on information security processes and general awareness.

Security is a major factor to consider at the development stage of all new products, and we conduct our own security tests on existing products, as well as using third parties for stress testing of existing and new products.

Every day, Bisnode works hard to earn trust from clients and partners by protecting data through strong security. Data is safeguarded by encryption and latest generation anti-malware solutions. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and Bisnode has strict policies and procedures in place to limit access to systems and information.

At Bisnode data protection also involves data processing, and this is handled in line with strict internal regulations and in compliance with EU and local laws. Due to rapid technological development, the current EU Directive 95/46/EC is outdated. As of 2012, the EU has been revising the Directive and establishing a modern and harmonized data protection framework across the territory.

The reformed Data Protection Regulation applies from May 25, 2018. Data privacy is of utmost importance and our strict data security measures are there to maintain the confidence of our clients and partners.

Bisnode has appointed a Group Data Protection Officer (DPO) in February 2017. The core duties of the Group DPO include manageing the network of DPO:s at Bisnode and an associated audit function, as well as supporting Bisnode's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Program.

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