Dun & Bradstreet sustainability report 2017

Today Dun & Bradstreet publishes our Sustainability Report 2017. For our organization, Sustainability is not an option. To be sustainable in today´s world is not only to care for the environment, but also, to adopt a transparent and respectful attitude also towards business and society.

Privacy by design is not only Dun & Bradstreet’s number one material sustainability aspect. It is our very core business in which all our units work together to take and maintain an ambitious lead. Our sustainability efforts have a strong focus on business ethics and privacy protection. Our customers have also gradually increased their focus on environmental and climate issues, and therefore Dun & Bradstreet works to limit its environmental impact.

We primarily produce and distribute our services digitally, which contributes to reduced paper waste and electricity consumption. Diversity and inclusion is a key component of our talent strategy and we are committed to increasing the proportion of women in our organisation, especially in senior positions.

In our 2017 Sustainability Report you will find more information on how we work with sustainability at Dun & Bradstreet.


Magnus Silfverberg

Download the full report here