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More than a year after the pandemic began, our reliance on data has never been greater than it is today. But what comes next? 

One thing is for sure: successful companies have data on their side. They make data-driven decisions and have digitalized their processes. How do they do it? 

“Today, in 2021, there’s no more proof of concept with data. What we need is proof of value and we get that by using the right data sources, using many different data sources and then combining them.” Antti Merilehto 

In this Trend Report you will explore trends and insight from keynote speakers shared at our online event ”The Power of Data”in May 2021. 

The speakers

The speakers

  • Antti Merilehto - Be more right more often with analytics 
  • Ayesha Khanna - Winning with AI: How innovative leaders drive growth 
  • Shefali Roy - Ethics from a Risk and Compliance perspective 
  • Anna Albinsson - Let's put an end to the Guessing Game: The Power of Data for Sales & Marketing 
  • Sarah Öhrvall - Your future self 
  • Sophie Hackford - The future of Internet 

The trend report is presenting insights and inspiration on how to use data, what data to use to get relevant insights and how important it is to update your own data as well as to combine it with third party data.