Meet the marketing superheroes of tomorrow

08 Jun 2021

By the year 2030, a new class of superheroes is expected to dominate marketing and sales departments. According to the experts, this class mainly comprises data analysts, business developers, behavioral scientist and psychologists.


That’s right — marketing will be less about what we today consider marketing, such as creating traditional ad campaigns, and more about delivering insights and facilitating business development.

Katarina Raičević, Head of SME Sales — SEE Area, Dun & Bradstreet Europe, is one of many experts who share the view that marketing decisions will increasingly be rooted in raw data rather than marketers’ personal opinions, preferences and perceptions. “I think the future of the marketing lies a lot in analytics.

Understanding what kind of content on which engines will have the best impact on my business. And here you need a lot of analytical knowledge, it’s not just about my gut feeling, it’s not just that I love red and then I will have all the slogans and everything in red and I think everybody else will love it. No, you really need to test, try, and see. We repeat, learn from mistakes but learn quickly, which means many of the things in marketing the future will be driven by the analytical knowledge.”


Test and generate new ideas

Another important aspect will be the ability to test and generate new ideas in order to provide key insights. “It will be crucial in the future to have a function to generate hypotheses ... look at different data, create hypotheses and then test quickly. Hypothesize, test, scale. The hypothesis generator is really important competence,” Carl Wåreus, Google’s Head of domestic Clients, agencies and partners, says.

As a corollary to this, the marketing department will need to be staffed by people who can actually extract these analyses and insights out of the available data. In turn, they will help turn the marketing department into one more focused on insights and business development — a unit that will occupy a more central and prominent position in the overall business structure, with its increasingly complex demands.

So don’t be surprised when you look around your own marketing department in the year 2030, only to find it teeming with psychologists and data scientists rather than campaign managers and designers.


From the study conducted by Kairos Future on behalf of Dun & Bradstreet.


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