Data-driven marketing and sales

Generate interest and land big deals with ABM

04 May 2017

Do you find it difficult to make a good impression on a customer you’ve never met? With account-based marketing solutions, you can capture the interest of customers online, early in the buying process, and skip the most common obstacles in complex B2B sales.

How many of your potentially big business deals start online? For B2B, over 80 percent of buying processes today take place online, and over 70 percent of buying decisions have already been made by the time a customer meets a salesperson for the first time. In complex B2B sales, it is crucial to identify and be involved in formulating the customer’s challenges and potential solutions as early as possible in the buying process.

With account-based marketing, you make it easy for your key prospects to see your brand and your solution in the right light. You come in early in the buying process and can help the customer forward by offering knowledge packaged in the form of articles, videos, white papers, podcasts, etc.

Account-based marketing helps you past some of the biggest obstacles in lead generation and makes it possible to:

  • Get access to influencers and decision-makers
  • Affect the organization early on and set the framework for what is to be investigated/purchased
  • Minimize the risk of being de-prioritized by being relevant
  • Reduce the risk of being associated with the wrong solutions