Dun & Bradstreet unleashes the power of data

Dun & Bradstreet is celebrating its transition from data provider to European data and analytics leader by launching its first ever international marketing campaign.

Starting in Sweden on September 24 and in 18 other European countries on October 1, the campaign explains how Dun & Bradstreet products can be used to “unleash the power of data” to predict customer behavior, deliver remarkable insights, and ultimately find innovative solutions to enduring problems. The campaign will also highlight how Dun & Bradstreet is revitalizing its brand to better reflect its ability to use data to drive its customers forward.

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Seize the opportunity

“In many businesses, people still regard the exploration of data as a problem rather than an opportunity,” says Rosie Kropp, Chief Marketing Officer at Bisnode. “With this campaign, we want to help change this attitude.

“Everybody knows that their data is extremely valuable, but few know how to monetize it. Your data is only valuable if you are able to analyze it and extract insights that you can act on. Whether you’re aiming to get to know your consumers better or manage credit risks more intelligently, we have solutions that can help.”

Driven by data

Of course, it would be odd if Bisnode merely sold solutions that turn data into insights without following a similar approach internally. Madeleine Lindgren, Head of Digital Marketing at Bisnode Sweden, explains that her marketing department has been set up to work in a data-driven manner.

“In my team we base our decisions on insights gathered from our internal marketing automation system as well as third-party sources,” Lindgren says. “My team has also taken the next step and we are now using AI for marketing automation, eye tracking, media buying, insights and optimization. We use data to optimize return on investment in various marketing channels, to enable our marketing work, and to find the right customer audiences. As a result, just a year after we transformed the way our department works, we have been nominated for two awards in Dagens Media’s Inhouse advertising competition,” she says.

A bold new brand

Bisnode’s “Unleash” campaign coincides with the launch of the company’s revitalized brand identity and supports the company’s repositioning as the data and analytics leader in Europe.

“Our brand is particularly important when we are selling marketing solutions, because many of our customers have become used to seeing Bisnode as a risk and credit company,” Kropp says. “We have the best consumer database in Europe, with information about 120 million consumers. We have the power to help our customers communicate more effectively in a digital world, and this is now reflected in our brand.”


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