Business and Supply Chain Analysis Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

18 Feb 2020

To assess the global business impact of the coronavirus outbreak, Dun & Bradstreet has created a special briefing report: Business Impact of the Coronavirus. The purpose is to help companies with ties to the impacted regions assess the potential impacts to their businesses and supply chains, as well as the economy at large.

The full Business Impact of the Coronavirus report analyzes:

  • The number of active businesses, including branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies and corporate headquarters, in the impacted Chinese region
  • The number of companies and Fortune 1000 companies globally that have one or more Tier 1 or Tier 2 suppliers in the impacted Chinese region
  • The percentage of affected industries within the impacted Chinese region
  • The economic effect of the coronavirus outbreak as compared to the effect of both the SARS and Zika virus outbreaks on global and local markets
  • Two different scenarios around containment and the predictive impact for both

The report also contains both near-term and long-term best practices for how companies can protect their supply chains during the outbreak. These practices can be applied to other unforeseen events, as well.

To get the full Business Impact of the Coronavirus report, including best practices for how to protect your supply chain, please click the button below.

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