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8 data trends that will (re)shape the future

Turn the covid-19 into a learning experience

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Our common, data-driven future
In this report on data trends you will get experts view on how they see our common data-driven future.

How well equipped are we to work and live in this digital world?
Do we have the right tools?
How can governments and companies plan for an uncertain future?

Deep dive into the 8 data trends: 

  1. Corona data - What has been the impact of corona on our working lives?  
  2. Crisis data - How and why to use data in times of crisis? 
  3. Glocal data - How can we combine local and global data for best effect?
  4. Hopeful Data - What’s needed to guide us to the best future?
  5. Ethical data - What could put the future of a data-driven society in jeopardy?
  6. Collaborative data - How can teamwork handle ”the double-edged sword” of data?
  7. Leading data - How do we get the boss on board?
  8. Useful data - How can we get empowered by AI?  

The experts behind the report are:

Dr Anders Tegnell, Chief Epidemiologist at Public Health Agency of Sweden  
PhD Max Tegmark, AI-Professor at MIT, author of “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”  
Anna Felländer, Founder & CEO at AI Sustainability Center 
Robin Teigland, Professor in Management of Digitalization at Chalmers University of Technology 
Johan Eriksson, Head of Specialists at Google 
Niklas Laninge, Psychologist and Head of Behavioral insights at PBM  
PhD Erik Wetter, Associate Professor at Stockholm School of Economics  
Judith Wolst, Digital strategistauthor and entrepreneur