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Opportunities in a changing world

Opportunities in a changing world

Banks and financial institutions are currently facing major challenges. New conditions in many areas require new approaches and tools to be able to continue running a profitable business. Both private consumers and businesses are not as loyal as they used to be and are increasingly switching banks. To ensure customer satisfaction, it is therefore more important than ever before to really understand your customers in depth. Doing this enables you to communicate more effectively and reach the customers at precisely the right time.

As competition increases, it is also necessary to raise your level of customer service. Quite simply, this means that a bank or financial institution must be able to deliver higher quality — and faster. As laws and regulations change, banks and financial institutions also face increased complexity, which can affect your offers, solutions and handling times. 

But increasing challenges also mean new opportunities. With access to data, relevant insights and the right tools, the changing world also brings the potential to increase your competitiveness and stay a step ahead. Large amounts of data can be handled and used to streamline processes, make secure decisions and choose the right customers. Smart data makes this possible.

Let us help you throughout the customer journey

Use smart data to drive sales from prospects to loyal customers

Find new customers

Use smart data to attract customers who are closest to a purchase decision — at a risk level that meets your business goals. Using Bisnode's market data and analytics models, we can help you find the best potential customers and find out when they are most likely to buy.

Increase conversion

Improve the conversion rate of your best customers by using smart data to optimize the criteria and processes for your offers. Customize your offers and maximize ROI for different customer segments by combining financial information and market data for each potential customer.

Drive add-on sales

Use smart data to gain insights that help you act in real time — both about the opportunities for upsales and events pointing to an altered level of risk of the customer. By integrating our analytics tools for smart data with your CRM or your systems for marketing automation and sales support, we can help you make daily predictions about your best sales and customer service opportunities. At the same time, we help you manage the risks that arise.

Build customer loyalty

Use smart data to continuously monitor and manage your customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. By integrating our tools for smart data with your CRM, CX or marketing automation system, we can help you manage all your customer relationships.


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