Public Directory Service makes it easy to look up the company or person behind a phone number, and to find the contact information for a company or a person. 

Key Features

With Bisnode Public Directory Service, your application can display the name and address for incoming phone calls, or you can provide textual search for contact information. 

Refer to Docs for more details

Technical documentation
Please check our technical documentation for our API here.
How to get started

This guide is intended to help you get going and serves as a compliment to the endpoint reference.

The endpoint reference /api/entity/search allows you to search for a phone number, person, company or address. The search has support for phonetic matching. 

The endpoint reference for /api/entity/{number} requires phone number with country calling code as input (MSISDN) - and returns the name and address for the user (of the phone number). 

For questions and support, please contact us at api-support@bisnode.com

Changes and versioning
API version is provided in the base of the requested URL in the form of "v1", "v2" etc. 
API versions are raised only on breaking changes in the API. Fields may be added, but will never be removed during an API version lifecycle.