The Loan Broker solution is the unique service in which both brokers and banks can obtain up to date credit and scoring information on a consumer. The Loan Broker solution takes care of the process of handling Letters of Notification (LoN, one LoN as far as it is possible), the number of requests being registered (only one request registered within one tender session) and the invoicing (winning bank concept). There are a couple of different services depending on whether you are a broker or a bank. In the back-end Bisnode keeps track of all transactions in one tender session.



To use the LoanBroker REST API - v1, you need a client ID and a secret. We use OAuth2 for authentication. More information here.


Get started

You'll need two things to get started with Loan Broker on the Developer Portal:

  • Bisnode ID (contact api-support@bisnode.com for one if you don't have it yet)
  • Subscribe to the API (you need to be logged in with your Bisnode ID to subscribe)
Key Features

Consumer data available through the API

  • Winning bank pays
  • One Letter of Notification
  • Only one registered request in one tender session
  • Enables you to explore new customer segments in a cost effective way
  • Enables you to grow your insights by combining your own customer data with Bisnode/DnB consumer data
  • Easy to implement


Key terms:

API: A public API that lets customers access content without using front-end products.

User ID: Every user has an ID and a set of permissions. The permissions control which content the single user can access and in which country.

Client secret: Is used together with the user id to generate the access token required to access the  API.

Access token:  To access the API a user needs to generate an access token. The life span of the access token is limited. The access token is only valid for three minutes, then it needs to be regenerated to gain access to content.

Tender session: The (time) frame in which a broker and the banks all make their assessment of a single consumer. The broker performs the pre-screening sends a request for an offer to the interested banks, the banks assess the potential customer by ordering a report from Bisnode/DnB in the LoanBroker solution and return their offer to the broker and the broker reports (or not) a winning bank back in the case the consumer find any of the bank offers interesting and accepts it..

Tender Id: A unique id found in the broker-response, used to identify the specific tender session starts by a Broker. This id will be used by the Broker when reporting the winning bank back to Bisnode. The id will also be used by the Broker if there is a need to withdraw or correct information on the winning bank.

Winning bank: Information on which bank has won the tender session. Is reported back by the Broker when a consumer has accepted an offer. The winning banks Organizational id. along with the “tender id” shall be reported back to using the specific “put” transaction found in the Postman collection.

Technical documentation
Please check our technical documentation for our API here.


How to use the API

This guide is intended to help you get going with your integration against the Loan Broker API in the Developer Portal. It serves as a complement to the Endpoint Reference and aims to bring a better understanding of the concepts of the platform. 

For questions and support, please contact us at api-support@bisnode.com


Changes and versioning

API version is provided in the base of the requested URL in the form of "v1", "v2" etc. Only major version numbers are used.

API versions are raised only on breaking (i.e. backwards incompatible) changes in the API. Fields may be added but will never be removed during an API version lifecycle. When developing your application, take care to ensure that your application can handle additional fields.

New feature 2023-05-12: As the role Broker. Use the endpoint startTenderPeriod to initiate a tender period. Required fields are brokerId, subjectId and countryCode.


To start a tender period without pulling a report - use the endpoint for broker and set the flag creditReport in the request to false. To start a tender period and also retrieve the LOAN BROKER report, set creditReport flag to true: 


How to test

You can use the service with the test objects provided. As of today, there is no sand box environment for testing. For banks eligible to obtain credit registry data, the test objects with credit registry data are marked.

If you are a bank you will be using the same user/id when requesting the Broker report (to start a Tender session) and the Bank report. The reason for this is to make it easier for banks to test the solution. For a bank to connect to a Tender session, a Tender session must have been started. Only a Broker can start a Tender session.



The scope that should be used (if there is a choice) is LB-Broker if you are a broker and LB-Bank if you are a bank. As a bank you will have access to both for testing purposes.