National Population Register direct search (D&B FREG API)


National Population Register direct search (D&B FREG API) 

Dun & Bradstreet’s service for direct searches in FREG – the National Population Register in Norway.


  • Companies that have applied for and received access to fetch information from the new National Population Register, can access FREG via our FREG API. Which data you can fetch depends on which permissions your company has been assigned. For details regarding the different permission levels, please read:

                    (Only available in Norwegian) 

Please note: There are various permission levels you can apply for. Which data you get access to, depends on which permission your company has been assigned. This is regulated by law. 


 - Private business without national register identifier (Privat virksomhet uten folkeregisteridentifikator): It is not possible to perform a search using national identification number only. National identity numbers are not returned in the response.

- Private business without legal basis (Privat virksomhet uten hjemmel):   
You can search with a national identification number. National identity numbers are returned in the response.

- Finance (Finansforetak): You can receive information about relations (spouses, children, parents) in the response.


  • The D&B FREG API (REST API) is replacing the direct search in CreditPro webservices/SWS (SOAP API).


  • FREG is an upgraded and updated National Population Register and contains more information than the previous register. E.g., details regarding legal guardianship and aliases. For more details, please read:

(Only available in Norwegian) 
Please note! 

  • To use the D&B FREG API, you need permission from The Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten). 
  • Delegate your permission to Dun & Bradstreet Norway AS via “Maskinporten” - a solution for access control for companies that exchange data. The solution guarantees identity between companies, ensuring machine-to-machine authentication. 




To use the D&B FREG API, you need a client ID and a secret. Dun & Bradstreet uses OAuth2 for authentication. More information about authentication using OAuth2

Technical documentation 

Technical documentation can be found here

Our test environment, Sandbox, is connected to TENOR, the national test person database. To require valid test persons, please use this link: (requires Norwegian BankID). 

 Data storage: Only data necessary for invoicing and customer usage is stored by Dun & Bradstreet.


Please note!  
All searches on private individuals in FREG are stored at the National Population Register (FREG) where private individuals can check who has made inquiries about them, at any given time.  

Changes and versioning 

API version is provided in the base of the requested URL in the form of "v1", "v2" etc. Only major version numbers are used. 


API versions are raised only on breaking (i.e., backwards incompatible) changes in the API. Fields may be added but will never be removed during an API version lifecycle. When developing your application, take care to ensure that your application is able to handle additional fields. 


For questions and support, please contact our customer service at Dun & Bradstreet Norway AS  

Key Feature  

  • The most updated private individual information in Norway