Bank PSD2 Data in Risk Decisioning

Bank Data (PSD2) as a module in Risk Decisioning

  • Improve your approval rates and optimize your risk by using up to date bank transactions data directly from the personal bank account of your customer in your decisioning process.
  • Save time to approval by not having to ask for a certificate of employment or a pay slip.

Bank Data (PSD2) authorization

Required only for rulesets which use PSD2 bank data.In case of such rulesets, PSD2 token must be created before processing a new decision. PSD2 authorization is a two-step process:
  1. Subject is presented with a web page and logs in with bank credentials. As a result, customer receives authorization code in a callback.
  2. Customer uses authorization code to create a PSD2 token stored internally by D&B (Bisnode).



  • customer must be granted access to psd2 scope
  • customer must have app_id parameter assigned
  • customer’s app_id must have at least one redirect_uri whitelisted (scheme, domain and port are validated)
  • customer must have a ruleset that is configured to use bank data

If you are not sure that all the above is done and ready for you, please ask your D&B (Bisnode) representative.

Obtaining authorization code

To obtain the authorization code, the subject must be presented with a data provider web page where they select their bank and log in. Documentation on how to do this can be found here.

Using authorization code to create PSD2 token

The authorization code should be used to create an access token that will be held internally by D&B (Bisnode).


Method URL Comment
POST Production environment


Key Value
Accept application/json
Content-Type application/json
Authorization See section 5, token must contain psd2 scope


Note: All parameter names are case sensitive

Parameter name Description Formatting Required
subjectId National Identification number of person to make decision on. SE: YYYYMMDD-NNNK
rulesetKey Key of the ruleset (using bank data) to use when generating a decision. The id will be distributed by Bisnode as part of the onboarding process. String Yes
authorizationCode Code obtained in the previous step. String Yes


A response with HTTP status 200 confirms that the PSD2 token was successfuly created. This token will be used to fetch bank data when creating a decision for supplied subjectId and rulesetKey will be requested.