Affordability Calculation Service 


Gives you access to perform an Affordability test

Get started

You need this to get started:
  • a user/D&B ID
  • a calculation model ID defined in D&B
Contact if you have not yet received them


To use the Affordability Calculation Service, you need a client ID and a secret. D&B uses OAuth2 for authentication. You can find more information about the authentication process here.

To access the Affordability Calculation API you need to set the scope to: affordability

  • For easy access we have provided you with a postman collection here.

Technical documentation

Please check our API description version 1 here
How to test the API

These testobjexts can be used for testing in the sandbox. 

SSN   Has debtregistry data
01820397939   no
01868297731   no
01868298282   no
01870399304   no
01880298166   no
01908797996   no
01908798003   no
01920398770   no
01929898709   no
01929899411   no
01929899926   no
02818799716   no
02828698063   no
02840398237   no
06816498102   no
08854098978   no
10851198720   yes
11875096054   no
12818898248   no
14842249091   yes
16845296182   no
16848198580   no
19849498498   no
19871398189   yes
21847098284   no
22816897045   yes
22859498071   yes
23925797154   yes
26844899369   yes
26887497329   no
29868099311   yes
30908199622   yes
44870975888   yes
55897901551   yes

Key Features

  • Combine Affordability calculation with D&B leading credit information and decisioning solution
  • Configurable Affordability calculation metrics to suit your needs
  • Accurate and reliable cost estimation
  • Reduce number of questions asked to improve customer experience
  • Meet regulatory requirements from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway