Provides you with access to Bisnode Company Risk and Credit data for Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.
To use the Credit Information B2B REST API - v2, you need a client ID and a secret. Bisnode uses OAuth2 for authentication. More information here.

Get started

You’ll need to create a Bisnode ID or you can use your GitHub account to login here.

  • Sandbox API Key (you need to be logged in with your Bisnode ID or GitHub account)
For easy access we have provided you with a postman collection here.
Key Features
Company data available through an API
Provides you with high quality analyzed risk and credit data.
  • High quality credit rating for profitable decisions
  • Avoid credit losses by doing business with the right customers
  • Get stable customers that you know can pay on time
  • Get new insights by combining your own customer data with Bisnode analyzed company data
Technical documentation
Please check our technical documentation for our API here.
How to use the API
This guide is intended to help you get going with your integration against the Bisnode Credit Information B2B API. It serves as a complement to the  Endpoint Reference  and aims to bring a high level understanding of the key concepts of the platform.
For questions and support, please contact Bisnode at api-support@bisnode.com
Instructions on how to generate keys to access sandbox and production environments can also be found on the link above.
  • Name and address control. Do a search on name, duns-number or registration-number.
Credit information
  • Fetch credit data on a specific company by supplying registration-number.
Annual reports
  • List available annual reports and fetch using registration-number.
If data for an entire model in the schema is missing, an empty list will be sent, ex: "financialStatements": []
If data within a model in the schema is NULL values will be omitted ex: (day is NULL)
        "date": {
          "year": 2021,
          "month": 11

This is available for swedish companies. Input is "registrationNumber" and "sequenceNumber"
For Sole Proprietorships Sequencenumbercan can be 1-n. To find out the value on n use search on companyId and coount the reslult. For limited companies no sequence number is needed.

Case: A person with a swedish govermentID registers 4 Sole Proprietorships.
Result: Same ID (govermentID=registrationNumber) will have 4 certificateOfRegistration
Method: Use search (/credit-data-companies/v2/companies) on the registrationNumber to get "resultCount" for number of certificateOfRegistration

Changes and versioning
API version is provided in the base of the requested URL in the form of "v1", "v2" etc. Only major version numbers are used.
API versions are raised only on breaking (i.e. backwards incompatible) changes in the API. Fields may be added but will never be removed during an API version lifecycle. When developing your application, take care to ensure that your application is able to handle additional fields.
How to test

Test data available in sandbox:

  Reg Nr Name Features
SE 5561234567 Skuldman & Son, TEST AB "Good customer" Rating AAA + Tax clearance certificate registered 
SE 5562000116 Test No 3 mining enterprise Has Branches
SE 5563035798 Test Tourism bank Average company
SE 5562187129 ÁàèôÑ ÅäöáàéèÔÑ AB Average company
SE 5561060111 Konkursen TEST AB Inactive company with Current financial statements
SE 5561080101 Hema Test i Konkurs AB No registered turnover + Rating EFR
SE 5561070102 Test Tangun trading AB Debt balance public - & private claims
SE 5560391954 Testföretag 1954 AB Low rating + Limited partnership with board with other business commitments 3 remarks on payment < 12 months old
SE 5563525236 Testbolaget 1 AB 5-digit SNI codes
SE 5592479090 Testnamnet 4 5-digit SNI codes
SE 5562615137 Demonamn 2 AB 5-digit SNI codes
SE 7502199255 Testbolag 9255 Sole proprietorship
SE 9696096990 Testbolag 6990 KB Trading partnership 
SE 7601022382 Testföretag 238 New formed company
DK 13287554 D&B Demo Datter ApS AAA rating, has historical name, limited company
DK 173989737 Eisner Food Stores Under Konkurs Rating not determined, limited company, has score
DK 534259076 id Boutiques ApS Rating not determined, limited company, has score
DK 596490479 Zany Brainy Legal form "other", C rating
DK 738297771 Brendles ApS LImited company, rating "AN", new company
DK 795312324 Multicerv ApS Limited company, AA rating
DK 863638466 Powerbod ApS Limited company, C rating
DK 991387035 Patterson-Fletcher A/S Limited company, AAA rating
DK 13287515 D&B Demo NyNy A/S IR rating (Rating not determined), has boardmember and historical board member
DK 13287554 D&B Demo Datter Nyny ApS Under rekonstruktion AAA rating has key figures
DK 13287562 Bisnode Demo Holding Nyny A/S Has historical rating, has 2 sunsidiaries
DK 13287512 D&B Sample Demo A/S A rating, is parent company
FI 200967437 Intelacard Oy Limited company, AAA rating
FI 228810019 DECO FRESH OY Limited company, C rating, has payment remarks
FI 246926306 Second Time Around Limited company, C rating
FI 251631316 Rolling Thunder Oy Limited company, B rating
FI 260428882 Deco Refreshments Oy Limited company, - rating "Rating not determined"
FI 280429609 Grass Roots Yard Services Oy Limited company, - rating "Rating not determined"
FI 11111111 Tytärtesti100 Oy "Rating not determined"
FI 22222222 Tytärtesti200 Oy  "Rating not determined"
FI 0830215-0 Bisnode D&B Finland Oy Limited company, AA rating
FI 1966768-1 Bisnode Marketing Oy Limited company, AA rating, registered in VAT

Limited company, high credit limit

NO 911642190 TESTFORETAKET FOR ÆØÅ AS Limited company, A rating
NO 918189254 CREDIT CONTROL AS Limited company, normal company
NO 935276608 DIN SOLIDE ENTREPRENØR AS Limited company good rating
NO 937400322 SVAR DIREKTE PERSON Sole proprietor, B-rating
NO 812345672 COBRA DEMO PERSON Sole proprietor, auditors
NO 927822334 Soliditet Test 2 Ltd Norw. division foreign enterpr.
NO 842852102 BARE SKRAP DA Trading/Limited partnership, rating exclusion, historical auditors
NO 923313850 General Bureau of Atomic Energy Limited
NO 931024280 HELT NYTT FORETAK AS Limited, C-rating