Smart Connect is an extension of AML Real Time Screening & AML Portfolio monitoring with best in class global beneficial owner data in one API to support KYC processes and help you comply with the EU anti-money laundering (AML) legislation.

It connects many microservices and APIs through the smart engine into seamless flow. You will receive relevant data only, in accordance with national and EU AML legislation.

Smart Connect monitoring function is currently in development.


To use Smart Connect you need a client ID and a secret. Bisnode uses OAuth2 for authentication. More information here.

Get Started

You'll need 3 things to get started.

  • API Key
  • Client secret
  • Dun & Bradstreet Direct Plus credentials

Contact api-support@bisnode.com if you don't have them yet.

Key Features
One API for Nordic and global data to support AML compliance. In one endpoint:
  • Identification of a person and verified data based on social security number
  • Identification of a company and verified company data based on organization number
  • Ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and alternative beneficial owners for Nordic companies following the EU AML directive and Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish AML legislation
  • Global beneficial owners
  • Screening against high quality Nordic and global PEP, sanction, watch and black lists
  • In one response
  • Smart engine connecting many endpoint and APIs in the background
  • Real time data


Till now, our AML Real Time Screening and AML Portfolio monitoring were supporting you with Nordic company and person data. We have added global UBO data and global screening using our screening technology with ElasticSearch framework and high quality PEP, sanction, watch and black lists. You need to integrate just one API and get local, global or combined results. In one endpoint.

Technical documentation
Please check our technical documentation for our API here.