Which companies should you focus on in a high risk environment?

Trust credit scores, be data-driven and make sure to be on top of credit management, says our experts. This will buy time for making better decisions for healthy business.

Who can you trust?
How should companies act in a situation out of the ordinary? What is important to take into consideration and how do you evaluate business partners’ credits during a full-blown crisis? 

Listen to our two Bisnode experts on Credit Risk Assessment:
  • Rikard Candell, Group Director Analytics
  • Peter Nyberg, Group Director Risk & Credit
They dive into topics such as score cards, predictive models, segmentation, monitoring, credit management and the effect of support packages.
Our Services for Risk & Credit
How big is the risk that your new business partner goes out of business or is involved in AML? Our solutions for Risk- and Credit Management enables you to know who you are doing business with and avoid unforseen threats to your business. 

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