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In just a few months the world has been turned upside down, with countries fighting a war, not against each other, but against a virus. This crisis affects us all on many levels. Listen to an interview with our CEO Magnus Silfverberg on how you can continue doing business in times like these and why it’s so important to base your decisions on data.
This episode includes questions like:
  • Bisnode is a tech company designed to build trust in between companies…  how do you view your role in this dramatically changed business climate?
  • When one reads or listens to the news it’s easy to get the impression that everything just halted... But that’s not the whole picture – could you tell us a bit about how business overall is doing?
  • Bisnode works data-driven, to provide trust. What happens with trust in times like these?  Can you also tell us a bit more on why it’s so important to base your decisions on data?
  • Credit rating is an important part when deciding whom to trust. But is credit rating valid today when the current drops in demand are caused by political decisions, not by market failure?
  • What type of questions do you get at the moment from your customers? What are their main concerns?
  • What responsibility do Bisnode and the Industry have in not discouraging trade (by providing credit reporting services)?
  • So, would you say it’s still possible to make business in spite of these Corona times?
  • Do you have any advice to companies on how to keep on doing business?


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