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Digital Advertising/B2B Marketing - from sales perspective
How can you get the most out of your marketing investments? A lot of things have happend with B2B the last few years and digital marketing is more important now than ever. Listen to Christopher Strandell, Senior Solution Manager at Bisnode, and learn more about how to make sure you reach the rigth target groups and how marketing can support sales.
Length 8:50
Bring data to life with analytics
How can you improve operational activities with insights from analytics? How can you see potentials in your markets and get more knowledge about your customers?
Listen to Elsa Markus, Engagement Officer, and Oskar Claesson, Analyst at Bisnode.
They explain why analytics is the key to understanding your data and how to get relevant insights.
Length: 9:56 min
Bisnode's Corona Index
Bisnode's Corona Index is designed to keep track of current corporate trends which will impact the future of commerce and society. Malin Höök, Director Launches & Transitions, and Henrik Hargéus, Product Manager, discuss the implications of the covid-19 pandemic on the business climate of Europe. 
Questions? Ask them via email: malin.hook@bisnode.com or Henrik.hargeus@bisnode.com
Length: 8:10 min
B2C – clean your data and know your customers for real!
Mohamed Beyan, Solution Manager, talks about what to focus on for B2C in economic tough times. He stresses not only the importance of clean data, but also the use of real data about real people since you need to understand the every day life of your customers. 
Watch the full video here.
Length: 10:04 min

Keep on doing business. Safely.
In just a few months the world has been turned upside down, with countries fighting a war, not against each other, but against a virus. This crisis affects us all on many levels. Listen to an interview with our CEO Magnus Silfverberg on how you can continue doing business in times like these. 

Watch the full video here.
Length 9:39 min

Data is your best friend when finding new customers 

Anna Albinsson, CMO at Bisnode, shares her best tips for finding new target groups and new customers by being data-driven. You will be surprised how much you can do with your existing data – it's your superpower. But the ground rule is to be in control of your data before you start your data-driven journey. Clean data and analytics will then enable you to make smart decisions and predict your customer's next buy.
Watch the full video here.
Length 9:40 min

The importance of making bold decisions, removing barriers and sticking to your pricing strategy
Can you learn from other historically successful companies when a crisis hits society? Bisnode Chief Strategy Officer Joachim Karlsson and Sales Director Karin Whitlock talk about how to move forward in these challenging times. They say care for the people and trust the data. Also dare to make bold decisions, remove barriers for closing deals and stick to your pricing strategy.
Watch the full video here.
Length 9:09 min

How do you evaluate business partners’ credits during a full-blown crisis?
How should companies act in a situation out of the ordinary? What is important to take into consideration and how do you evaluate business partners’ credits during a full-blown crisis? Listen to our experts on Credit Risk Assessment: Rikard Candell, Group Director Analytics and Peter Nyberg, Group Director Risk & Credit.
Watch the full video here.
Length 15:29

How to balance privacy and AML?
Opinion makers and experts debating the topic "Striking the right balance between privacy and anti-money laundering". Is a loss of privacy a price society will have to pay in order to develop the tools needed to fight money laundering? Can new technology be used to identify culprits and for safeguarding the privacy of the public?
Watch the recorded live session here.
Length 47:52 min

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