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API's to help you avoid making business decisions based on bad data

Each day 16 Billion megabytes of data are produced, containing valuable insights about everything from changed consumption patterns, financial key numbers to credit risks. The rapid changes, complexity and sheer amount of data propose a huge challenge when manually trying to keep your systems up-to-date. This can be solved by using Bisnodes API connectors. Your systems will then be continously and automatically updated, enabling you to base your daily business desicions on the most recent and accurate information.

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Bisnode API Portal for Developers

Read more about the various API's and more detailed technical documentation on Bisnode Developer Portal or D&B Direct+

Unsure if API-access is right for you? Try it out before you decide. Setting up a trial access is easy. Contact us to help you set it up.


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API's to help you stay GDPR compliant

With API-access to accurate and updated person data in your systems you can for example validate that the information you have is accurate, make background checks on potential customers or automatically serve the right basic information to your customer in your e-commerce check-out flow.

Bisnode handles all person data in full compliance with current national and international laws and regulations. We can also help you optimize your own data registry so it becomes in full compliance with GDPR

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API not for you? Try our intuitive webservices

If API integration does not feel like the right solution, most of our products and services are available as standardized webservices with simple and intuitive graphic user interfaces. They give you all the same features and data as our API solutions minus the possibility to tailor to your needs or make automatic integrations with your own data.

We can help you find the right solution for your needs

We are data & analytics experts and would love to help you power your business to grow and thrive. Just fill in your details so that our local sales organization can get in touch for an initial conversation.

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