Bisnode is now Dun & Bradstreet!

At the beginning of this year Bisnode was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet and we are now moving forward together as one company. 

This will make us even stronger in bringing local and global expertise and knowledge together to serve our clients.
As one company we will help you grow and thrive. Using all our data and insights we will empower you to take more intelligent actions, providing you with a competitive edge.

New look and feel
Our next step is to complete the transition of Bisnode into becoming Dun & Bradstreet in all respects. On April 21st, Bisnode changed logo and livery, to be fully dressed as Dun & Bradstreet.

This involves not only a transformation of our websites but encompasses all areas such as invoices, emails, brochures and more. However, there will still be some areas that will not be converted on this date, mostly because of legal issues, which we want to raise your awareness of.

We are working on getting everything aligned as soon as possible, but it will take a little time. So please don’t be surprised if our invoices come from Dun & Bradstreet but you are still transacting business with a Bisnode entity. This is still work in progress.

In an increasingly global and interconnected world, we are looking forward to serving you in an even better way, having combined the best of each company.

Further questions
Please check the FAQ below for more details or contact your respective office by choosing your country here.



For almost 200 years, Dun & Bradstreet has helped clients and partners grow and thrive through the power of data, analytics, and data-driven solutions. Our more than 6,000 employees around the world are dedicated to this unique purpose, and we are guided by important values that make us the established leader in business decisioning data and analytical insights. Our data & insights are valuable at all phases of a business lifecycle and whatever the economic environment.

You can expect your point of contact to remain the same. Your Bisnode relationship managers will continue to interact with you using the same channels and processes as are currently in place. Acquisitions generally imply organizational or structural changes, but we promise to operate with the least possible impact on your business and keep you in the loop when or if your point of contact changes.

We update and improve our services on an ongoing basis. We will continue to do so in the future, communicating whenever these updates are relevant to you, also making sure that any changes we make will impact your business as little as possible.

For now, all contracts remain the same and you will keep your Bisnode point of contact. If any circumstances change, we will communicate this to you in good time.

By bringing the best of both companies together, we can better support our clients with international growth, expand the depth and breadth of data available to drive growth and mitigate risk. The new entity will better reflect the global business landscape and meet the needs of our customers operating internationally as they navigate changing times, through enhanced access to additional, international data, talent and expertise. 

All contracts will remain in place, currently with the formal legal entity name Bisnode, remaining in relation to registration number and VAT number until further notice.

The formal legal entity name Bisnode currently remains in relation to registration number and VAT number. For instance, you can receive invoices with the Dun & Bradstreet logo & brand, but the transaction will still be done with the business entity Bisnode. This will continue until further notice. 

We will continue to operate and deliver our services very much in the same way as before. Since we update and improve all our offerings on an ongoing basis, this will mean new developments and features in the future. When any changes are to be carried out, we will make sure to communicate this to you in good time. 

We aim to deliver exceptional client experiences and ensure that our clients can access the latest innovations and functionality on our most modern platforms, upgrading them from legacy products where appropriate. We will communicate well in advance if and when any changes are to be made to our Products & Services. 

Please contact your Bisnode point of contact if you have any further questions.