Code of conduct


This Code of Conduct applies to all of our business relationships

Bisnode’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers includes all company partners delivering goods and services to Bisnode, including their subcontractors, and it is a part of all agreements and contracts. For procurements or renegotiations, the following applies:

  • This Code of Conduct must be signed for any contract exceeding SEK 1 million. Documentation on environmental impact and social conditions, including action plans and improvement targets, must also be presented.
  • For contracts with a value of SEK 500 000 or more, a dialogue must be maintained with the company partners concerning their sustainability work and how the requirements in the Code of Conduct are being complied with. Documentation concerning environmental footprint and social conditions, including action plans and improvement targets, must be ready to be presented upon request.
  • Bisnode has an appointed person responsible for sustainability issues, who can be contacted if an employee, partner, supplier or subcontractor suspects any violations of laws, regulations or this Code of Conduct. This communication is covered by whistleblower protection laws, which means that the person providing the information is protected against adverse action and entitled to remain anonymous.
  • If Bisnode discovers any deviations from the terms in this Code of Conduct and if improvements are not made within an agreed timeframe, Bisnode has the right to terminate the partnership.

Laws and regulations

Our Code of Conduct ensures that laws and regulations are followed. Suppliers shall follow laws and regulations, directives and standards and hold all necessary permits, licenses and registrations necessary for their business operations.

Business ethics

All operations shall be conducted in accordance with good business practice, encourage free competition and maintain a high standard of ethics. No form of corruption, bribe, money laundering or restriction on competition is permitted. Entertaining and gifts shall be characterized by openness, moderation and always have a natural connection to the business relationship.

Handling information

Confidential information that concerns our or our clients' operations can only be used for its intended purpose.


Bisnode works actively to continuously decrease the company's direct and indirect environmental footprint and suppliers must fully comply with the environmental policy available on our website.
Suppliers must have a defined environmental policy, knowledge and control of their environmental footprint, and a documented management system. The supplier must continuously implement environmental improvement measures in their operations to decrease emissions to air, land and water and streamline their use of energy and resources.

Working conditions and human rights

Suppliers must support and respect internationally declared human rights and treat their employees and suppliers fairly, equally and with respect for human equality.

Anti-discrimination and fair treatment

Discrimination, regardless of the motive, is not tolerated in connection with recruitment, setting wages, promotion, training or resignation. The supplier shall also ensure that harassment, bullying, threats, oppression or other victimizing treatment does not occur.

Freedom of association

The supplier shall respect the employees' right to join unions and opportunities to collective negotiations without any risk of punishment, threats or victimization.

Terms for employment

  • Every employee shall have a written employment contract translated into a language he or she understands.
  • The working hours must not exceed the maximum working hours stipulated in current laws and regulations and all employees are entitled to weekly rest as stipulated by law.
  • Every employee shall have the right to statutory leave including sick leave and parental leave.
  • Wage deductions are not permitted as a disciplinary action.
  • Wages shall be paid out on a regular basis, directly to the employee at the right time and in full.
  • Wage discrimination in any form is not permitted.
  • Individuals working for the supplier under employment-like conditions must also be treated in accordance with these principles.

Work environment and safety

The supplier shall provide a healthy and safe work environment, both physically and psychosocially. The supplier shall work systematically and proactively to constantly improve the work environment and occupational health conditions. Everyone working for the supplier shall receive regular training in work environment issues and relevant information shall be readily available.
Accidents and work-related injuries shall be prevented. The supplier shall establish routines to identify, handle and report work-related injuries and sickness. Everyone working within the organization, whether as employees or contractors, must be covered by occupational accident insurance. The supplier shall ensure that alcohol and drugs are not used during working hours.
The supplier shall anticipate and identify emergency situations and minimize impact by implementing emergency and rescue procedures including equipment, alarm, evacuation and training.

Forced labor

All work must be performed voluntarily. No form of forced labor or labor connected to any form of threat or punishment is permitted.

Child labor

Child labor is not permitted. If there are no national laws prohibiting child labor in the country in which the operations are conducted, no one under the age of 15 must be employed.