The growth of Lindex’s loyalty club helped boost sales by EUR 9.5 million year 2016.

Lindex’s customer loyalty club, More at Lindex, has become a veritable goldmine for the Swedish fashion retailer, helping it to drive sales and customer satisfaction in its key target groups. The fashion chain is using a smart data solution that seamlessly helps convert customers into members, no matter where in the Nordic region they live.

There’s a critical moment when a customer is at the checkout – whether online or in store – and they’re asked if they want to join the retailer’s loyalty club. And at that moment, several hundred euro are at stake when considering the lifetime value of their membership. The answer “Yes please” opens the door to personalized marketing that paves the way to tailored offers and a raft of purchases for years to come.

If the sign-up process is unnecessarily complicated, some potential members will instead decline the opportunity, despite the promise of points, monthly bonuses, exclusive offers, and invitations to inspiration days.

For Lindex, the challenge is to make the sign-up process for More at Lindex as easy as possible to be able to analyze and process its loyal customers. Another challenge came in the requirement for an all-in-one solution for the whole of the Nordic market. 

“I’d had a good experience of Bisnode in my last job at Stena Line, so I decided to contact them again,” explains Therese Blom, CRM Manager at Lindex.

Bild på Therese Blom, CRM-chef på Lindex
”Bisnode’s all-in-one solution suits us as a growing company”

Therese Blom, CRM Manager at Lindex

Easy access to the loyalty club

Bisnode provided a solution that not only simplified the sign-up process, but enabled Lindex to monitor its members in real time throughout the Nordic Region. Bisnode automated the updating of customer data, which previously had to be done country by country. 

Lindex in numbers

Lindex in numbers
  • Founded in 1954.

  • More than 480 stores across Europe.

  • Online shopping available in 29 countries across the EEA.

  • Stores in 17 markets, the biggest being Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

  • Annual profit growth of EUR 9.5 million in 2016.

A slimline profit machine

Integration with Bisnode not only means that Lindex’s CRM system is always up to date and relevant, it also opens the door to a whole world of intelligent market analyses, segmentation, and predictive sales made possible by the use of smart data. For Lindex this means that the right promotions and offers reach the right customers at the right time.

“Compared to how things worked a few years ago, this is like a completely different world,” says Therese.

The growth of More at Lindex has been key to the company’s success. In mid-2016, the fashion chain reported profit growth of EUR 9.5 million on the previous year. 

“Bisnode’s all-in-one solution suits us as a growing company. One wish for the future would be a Europe-wide solution that guarantees the same database quality in all countries,” says Therese.

Here’s what Bisnode helped Lindex with:

  1. An integrated Nordic solution for managing customer data.
  2. A simple sign-up process for the loyalty scheme by way of a cellphone number or driver’s license.
  3. Detailed information on its loyalty scheme members.