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Credit information

How high is the insolvency risk of your new business partner? Dun & Bradstreet's credit checks provide you with a timely answer to this very question.


Checking the previous business conduct of potential customers and partners before entering into a new business relationship is now standard practice. This way, you are well aware of possible financial surprises (e.g. sudden insolvency or potential payment delays).

Dun & Bradstreet's credit checks are based on proven and leading risk rating models that can be customised to your needs. In this way you increase the credit security for new and also long-term business relationships.

Optimise your credit decisions with relevant data from our credit checks

Base your credit decisions on reliable data and ensure that you always do business with the right customers and suppliers. Determine by means of our unique Paydex the payment behaviour of existing and potential customers. And increase cash flow by identifying those customers who require immediate action.

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Analyse payment behaviour

Insights into the payment behaviour of customers and suppliers

Dun & Bradstreet's Paydex helps you monitor your customers' situation and shows their payment behaviour. Knowing which customers to cultivate and which to focus on can be critical for creating profitability and building lasting customer relationships. Thanks to our Paydex you can find out in advance which customers usually pay late. With this knowledge you can minimise business costs.

Secure international business, with access to the world's largest corporate database for credit checks

Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet we offer credit checks and other reports from around the world. Reliable reports on a company's activities, earnings and financial stability are a crucial basis for your future business transactions.

Through us you get information and access to:

  • Risk assessment
  • Payment behaviour and capability of customers and suppliers
  • Financial data and analyses
  • Advice on new business opportunities