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Segmentation & Targeting

With highly relevant addresses and offers as well as predictive analytics you generate growth and increase your profitability.



With our tools you can analyse your customers and prospects throughout the entire customer life cycle. Identify segments and opportunities and use valuable insights for your marketing and sales activities.


With the help of our data-based models for segmentation and targeting you can gain a better understanding of preferences, behaviour and needs - for more profitable business growth.


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These companies are already our customers

Numerous new businesses with data-driven analyses

The technology company Esri Sweden realised that sales conversations were not leading to enough new business and decided that it was time for a change. It put aside its gut feeling and decided to rely on the data from its sales and marketing processes.

The result? The number of new customers exploded in the first year - the sales and marketing organisation also became much more consistent.

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Target Group Analysis at NetOnNet Doubled the Conversions

A deep understanding of the customer can provide invaluable insights in a competitive industry.

Since NetOnNet began focusing on target group analysis, customer segmentation and personalised, data-driven marketing, it has doubled the purchase turnover of customers from its customer club through improved communication.

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Details on segmentation

The segmentation can be based on any number of parameters, for example needs, values, points of view, behaviour or demographics. Based on your individual requirements and your situation, we create tailor-made models, depending on the goal you pursue, how you want to use the segmentation and what your customer data looks like.

Dun & Bradstreet offers tailored analyses for various purposes: retaining existing customers, acquiring new customers, developing offers or building lasting customer loyalty. Based on the parameters relevant to you, the analyses provide you with deeper insights into your customers and ensure that you have suitable instruments to develop and implement strategies.

With the help of segmentation, you can more easily find out which are your best customers, which customers have potential, which ones you should retain and which ones are not profitable. This provides you with an instrument for building your customer database and prioritising your customers. It also helps you to determine levels and criteria for classification, for example, the classification of customers into the categories "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze".

This allows you to optimise and streamline your sales and marketing activities by addressing your customers and prospects with appropriate offers and promotions.