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Addressing the Right Interested Parties and Prospects



Identifying relevant potential customers quickly and effectively is in the interest of every company. With our data and services, we find out for you which interested parties promise the best growth opportunities.


With our valuable and business-critical knowledge, we also help you to identify and better understand your target groups. The analysis of your customer data in combination with our extensive data sources and our extensive experience gives you a clear picture of the markets in which potential customers relevant to you are active and how you can win them for you.

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More potential and more turnover

Increasing sales with relevant customer insights from target groups analyses
Dun & Bradstreet's target group analysis gives you an understanding of who your customers are or with which target group your company is successful. These insights open up new business opportunities for you, as they help you identify "twins", i.e. potential customers who are similar to your existing customers. You will receive regular updates as soon as changes occur. This way you can ensure that you always have a clear overview of your target groups profiles and address the right interested parties with the right messages.
Ignite more potential with account-based marketing
In order to have even more possibilities to address selected customers, we also offer solutions for account-based marketing. The solution combines the ability to address the right decision makers with the potential of digital interfaces. The aim is to facilitate long-term relationships and business with strategic accounts. Using IP-based advertising, you communicate with a customer or potential partner as soon as they decide to go online and actively search for information. When you personalise your offers and messages to specific customers, your sales and marketing campaigns become more relevant and interesting. In this way you create the conditions for higher sales.