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Omnichannel Marketing

Increase the Relevance and Personalisation of Your Campaigns!


For a successful omnichannel marketing data is the measure of all things. By combining your and our data with data from third parties, you can conduct comprehensive customer analyses and obtain a sound basis for precisely tailored, personalised campaigns on digital channels.


Acquiring new customers, expanding existing customers or increasing e-commerce reach - efficient marketing communication requires competence and performance from the five decisive disciplines data management, customer insights analytics, programme management, campaigns implementation and systems & processes.


Dun & Bradstreet is your experienced partner in all areas. Profit from our know-how and choose the services that suit your needs individually, in combination or as omnichannel marketing total solution.

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The five decisive disciplines for your efficient omnichannel marketing solution

1. Data management

Whether new customer acquisition, existing customer management or e-commerce: We offer you current, legally compliant data in large quantities and determine the most profitable potentials for you based on target group-specific characteristics. Our professional address management comprises the following services:
  • B2C addresses with over 200 micro-geographic variables as well as B2B addresses with numerous company characteristics
  • Data maintenance and enrichment
  • Development of customer-centric marketing databases
  • Data management and advice on data protection

2. Customer Insight Analytics

Build your customer relationships on a predictable basis. With our well-founded analyses we provide you with valuable information and recommendations for action in the following areas for a successful dialogue:
  • Target groups and segmentation (B2B, B2C)
  • Customer structure analyses
  • Marketing reports
  • Site analyses

3. Programme management

Everything is going according to plan. You set the target. We develop a suitable programme strategy, who, how and when is best addressed on which channel and support you in the following points:
  • Campaigns planning and individualisation of the address
  • Planning a contact strategy and the optimal channel mix
  • Development of efficient marketing processes
  • Campaigns optimisation

4. Campaigns implementation

Regardless of whether you want to start one or several actions in parallel - our specialists control and optimise your campaigns for success and will support you in the following areas:
  • Campaigns conception
  • Development of communication concepts
  • Campaigns control
  • Performance measurement and campaigns optimisation

5. Systems & processes

Success is often also a question of technology. Find out from us which systems, automation tools and connectivity options are best suited to your needs. We offer you support for the following tasks:
  • Development of marketing databases, interfaces and e-commerce solutions
  • Integration of CRM systems and ETL routes
  • System operations
  • Guarantee of data security