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Customer Experience

Data-based Knowledge About the Buying Experience of Your Customers


Our customer experience management solutions provide you with comprehensive information about your customers' buying experience. By capturing real-time geographic data across multiple channels, you can take faster and more relevant action. Always keep an eye on changes in the stationary trade as well as in the online shop. Optionally, you can also integrate predictive segmentation models to gain even more meaningful insights.


With early indications from continuous measurements across multiple channels, you can discover business challenges faster and respond to customer feedback immediately. By linking the measurement results with specific actions, you also increase customer satisfaction and thus customer experience.


Internal processes can also be optimised with the help of customer feedback. Determine the need for targeted measures for your company at the level of units, groups or individuals and optimise customer experience through ongoing measurements and comparisons of relevant KPIs.

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Success factor customer experience - bring your company sustainably forward!

Many companies have already realised that they have to focus on their customers and the experiences customers make with their companies - the customer experience - in order to position their company successfully for the future.

However, the challenge for many companies is not to listen to individual opinions, but to systematically record a large number of customer opinions.

In addition to the pure collection of data, many companies are faced with the complex task of putting the multitude of opinions into the right context and using the results as a basis for their strategic and operative planning and control of the entire company.

Companies that know their customers and know what they think have already taken the first step towards optimizing customer experience (CX). But this is only the beginning. Today, there is the possibility to put data from various business systems - for example, the cost of a certain product, the sales figures of a certain store, the time of sale or the contact to a customer service representative - into context with the customer's opinion.

So, the customer experience becomes the strategic basis for the entire company - the change to a customer-oriented company, in which the customer is the focus of attention in all areas, has thus been initiated.