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D&B Connect for Salesforce

Realize the true potential of your CRM with quality, trusted data.

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How Good Is the Data in Your CRM?

Sales and marketing teams rely on their Salesforce CRM every day, but even with the best tools, your results are only as good as the data feeding it.

By simplifying the complex burden of data management and instilling confidence in the accuracy of your CRM data, D&B Connect for Salesforce empowers sales and marketing teams to make better decisions, day in, day out.

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Fast-track sales and marketing productivity

Speed up time to engagement with a complete, comprehensive view of accounts powered by 1,600+ advanced insights.

Reduce the costs associated with bad data

Eliminate manual clean-up efforts through automation; prevent those dreadful duplicate records, identify out-of-business accounts, and so much more.

Access trusted data natively in your CRM

Identify more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, target with greater precision, and segment with better insights.

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Visualize and Assess Data Health

Visualize and Assess Data Health

  • Reveal anomalies in your customer data against a trusted source with a best-in-class identity resolution engine to help ensure match accuracy
  • Create and save match rules such as match quality thresholds based on D&B Confidence Code, Match Grade String, and the number of match candidates you want returned
  • Reduce time and resources spent on manual file preparation tasks with an integrated machine learning engine that normalizes input records
Tap Into the Full Potential of Your Accounts

Tap Into the Full Potential of Your Accounts

Enhance Records at Time-of-Creation
Search against the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud when entering a new account to append trusted data and insights from time of creation.

Enrich Records in Real Time
License from 1,600+ data elements to ensure your records contain the required firmographic, intelligence, and hierarchical insights needed to take confident action.

Discover Corporate Relationships
Establish corporate linkages to reveal cross-sell and upsell opportunities for your sellers and resolve conflicts in sales territory planning.

Get More From Your Existing Investments

Get More From Your Existing Investments

  • Invite team members to collaborate on data management tasks and save a record of past projects for easy access
  • Use a drag and drop experience to load a CSV file or use an Amazon S3 bucket to move data across your technology stack

Accurate, Actionable Data Starts With D&B Connect for Salesforce

Cleanse Accounts

Enrich Accounts

Consolidate Accounts

Discover Relationships

Automate Maintenance

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