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Data Quality

Cleaned and enriched data for more order in Master Data and growth



Every day, 16 trillion megabytes of data are generated. For individuals, society and the business world, this enormous amount of information is a gold mine and at the same time a challenge.

Since most companies are increasingly dependent on IT support and also use several parallel enterprise systems, Master Data Management (MDM) is becoming increasingly important.

Did you know that on average 14.2% of addresses are undeliverable in all sectors?
In the automotive sector alone, this figure is as high as over 17%. Because even the Master Data of companies are subject to constant changes. A bad data quality costs time and money, weakens decision making and annoys customers and business partners.

The completion of work steps costs up to 10 times more if wrong or invalid data has to be sorted out and researched again.


Resources that can otherwise be used to acquire new customers, for advertising campaigns or to maintain business relationships.


Cleaned data is the most valuable information resource today. Only on the basis of high-quality data you can make the right decisions and grow sustainably and profitably. For high quality data, you should first cleanse and structure it thoroughly and consolidate all your sources and systems. This puts an end to data silos and inefficiencies and provides you with reliable and up-to-date Master Data. We support you in this process with our modern APIs and web services.

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Master data - The A and O

User-defined real-time updates of your internal systems thanks to Dun & Bradstreet APIs

Our APIs enable you to integrate high-quality information and analytically processed data from Dun & Bradstreet into your own systems. This allows you to keep the information in your business systems constantly up-to-date and to optimise Master Data. With Dun & Bradstreet APIs you have the opportunity to automate the daily information retrieval process.

Get global Master Data for your international business

Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, we can provide international data and a dynamic picture of the companies you do business with or plan to do so. With the world's largest company database, you can get a clear picture of your company's customers, prospects and suppliers. Gain insight into your global business relationships through broad and deep information about companies, their interrelationships and ownership structures. You get access to business information, that you can use for risk and credit decisions, as well as sales and marketing activities.

Masters of Master Data

Dun & Bradstreet creates high quality business information for your Master Data through continuous data collection, refinement and enrichment. Our data is reliable, consistent and of high quality. Based on Dun & Bradstreet's comprehensive DUNSRight™ process, we collect, aggregate, monitor and review data from thousands of sources on a daily basis to help you make profitable decisions for your business.