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Business Data

Current company reports for well-founded insights


We are specialised in providing up-to-date company reports on a national and international level. We provide you with data on individual consumers, households, vehicles and companies. The insights that can be derived from this help to reduce data silos and minimise inefficiencies.

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Critical business decisions

Businesses and entrepreneurship are core elements of our society. They contribute to the common good and facilitate relations between people and countries because they promote work and trade. The number of companies is constantly increasing. More and more people are thus becoming active market participants. This increases the number of companies with which business can be done, and therefore more options are available.

The challenge is not only to check the status, condition and health of companies, but also to learn more about the people behind them and how their actions might affect the company. Business decisions must be taken ever more quickly to ensure cost efficiency and profitability. However, this may result in unsound decisions, which carry a higher risk and lead to uncertainty in the long-term strategy.

With the company reports Dun & Bradstreet provides you with both historical and current information. So, you can always keep track of the companies you are doing business with or plan to do business with. With them you can create well-founded business decisions and reduce risk while continuing to contribute to society.

Take wise business decisions

Optimise your risks and potentials with company reports from Dun & Bradstreet.
Take advantage of important business information from company reports to analyse your business partners and maintain relationships with existing and new customers. Avoid payment defaults and fraud by taking a look at your business partners' past and keeping an eye on their activities. And grow your business and ensure profitability by attracting the right customers and suppliers at the right time.