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Company Information & Data Quality

The basis for a successful company

30% of your potential for new business deals remains unused due to bad data. Duplicate data records, inactive companies or similar entries in your databases make access to Master Data confusing and time-consuming.

With the minute-exact national and international company information from Dun & Bradstreet you can prevent this. Dun & Bradstreet's applications ensure that duplicate data is immediately detected and deleted. Inactive companies are marked and the data quality is increased.

This gives you a better overview of your customer data and allows you to adapt quickly to changes. If you use SAP software, for example with an ERP module, we offer you the appropriate interface solution for our systems. You continue to work as usual, but your Master Data management is checked against our external data sources. In this way you improve the information about your partners and business processes.

We support large and small businesses with consumer, household and enterprise data, as well as vertical data delivered through APIs and web services.

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Basics for a functioning administration of your Master Data

A uniform database is the basis for a functioning Master Data management

So that the management of your Master Data functions smoothly, appropriate foundations must be laid. These include, among others, the Master Data consolidation and the Master Data harmonisation: Consolidation is the process of cleaning up and enriching with additional information. The merging of the individual Master Data of the same projects, which may have different identification features, is harmonisation. This includes, among other things, the development of a reporting system that should be uniform for all business processes and partners. With this uniform database, you ensure clarity and uniform control across all the different departments, from administration to project management and logistics.

Centralised and decentralised Master Data management

Centralised Master Data management is preferable to decentralised management. A central data server receives all the information and distributes it to the local workstations after appropriate queries. With the decentralised solution, each employee enters Master Data at his/her computer and these must be synchronised via the IT systems within the company and then be compared and then synchronised with the Master Data server. This causes additional costs and also takes up unnecessary time. Dun & Bradstreet offers excellent solutions for every need.