Consumer Intelligence

Verifying and validating customer data in real-time

Use our API to access real-time data from our B2C database of over 90 million European consumers.
  • Identify and verify consumers in real time
  • Direct access to the most comprehensive B2C database in Europe (> 90 million consumers)
  • International customer qualification through enrichment of 80+ analytical variables
  • Unique consumer ID (GEDI) for efficient Master Data management
  • GDPR-compliant management of consumer data
  • Modern API and web service
“Our open rate has increased over 100%. As is our sales rate."

Pär Gancarz CRM Manager NetonNet

Improve the buying experience of your customers

Verify customers in real-time and keep your consumer data in your business systems up-to-date, even if the data is stored in different systems. Gain additional valuable insight for personalised customer communication by combining your own customer data with Dun & Bradstreet's analysis features.

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Get a 360° view of your customers

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Sell more with better data

Consumer Intelligence delivers intelligent data that - combined with your own data and other online data sources - gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. This not only speeds up customer conversion, but also ensures that your databases are always up-to-date and are constantly updated with high-quality consumer data.

A variety of additional qualification features enable you to communicate more target group specifically and thus offer your customers a personalised shopping experience.

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An API GDPR-compliant access to the most comprehensive European B2C database!

A central API connection to your business systems gives you instant access to the most comprehensive B2C database in Europe (> 90 million consumers).

Through the integration of Consumer Intelligence you have better control over your customer data, which helps you to ensure that your customer data management is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why Consumer Intelligence is the right solution for you

Verify users in real-time for fast and efficient customer acquisition.
Enrich your Master Data with analytical variables to enable deeper customer analysis and more targeted campaigns.
Identify and update your customers and their consumer data in your business systems, even if they are stored in different operational databases.
Discover potential for up- and cross-selling and minimise customer churn.

Your benefits:

  • Over 90 million European consumers in a B2C database
  • Live integration and well documented API
  • Data cleansing and data enrichment
  • Automatic filling of your web shop
  • Access to over one billion data points
  • Real-time data for all offline and online points of sale
  • Real-time identification
  • Direct consumer verification for fast registration
  • GDPR-compliant data management
  • The B2C database includes: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
  • Real-time access to over 80 informative variables
  • Unique integration for all systems and markets
  • Unique ID for each user/consumer (GEDI)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive knowledge about your customers
  • Tool for automated data management

Customer Case – NetOnNet

Doubling of the conversion rate at NetOnNet thanks to target group analysis

Understanding customers holistically is extremely valuable in a highly competitive market. With the help of target group analyses, customer segmentation and personalised, data-supported marketing, NetOnNet was able to optimise its communication and thus double its conversion rate.

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