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Analytics Services

Use clever minds to increase the significance of your data

Our Analytics and AI teams pave the way for new solutions in data science. For both B2C and B2B customers.
  • A competent Europe-wide team of data scientists
  • Analytics and AI solutions across the entire customer life cycle
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modelling
  • Scorecards for risk assessments
  • Customer profiling and market analysis
  • Customer prioritisation and analysis-based acquisition processes

We are experts in the field of data and Analytics

Dun & Bradstreet has many years of experience in providing business information and managing large amounts of data. Our powerful and competent team of data scientists is deployed throughout Europe. We have the necessary expertise to deliver our solution exclusively with internal resources.

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We use our analytics and AI solutions to address specific challenges and needs in the customer life cycle.

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Customer profiling and market analysis

We help you to describe your customers better and do not rely solely on transaction data. For B2B customers we create an overall picture of the companies with which they interact. This includes information such as sector affiliation and forecasts on future business development. For B2C customers we collect additional information about the person behind the transaction, such as current stage of life, place of residence and purchasing power. After identifying your main customer segment, we can evaluate the market potential.
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AI-based acquisition processes

We conduct predictive modelling to identify and prioritise optimal acquisition targets in the market. In most cases, we analyse existing customers and use this as a basis for searching for the most promising prospects in the market. We offer this service both for B2B as well as B2C customers. We have a unique machine learning approach for B2B customers, where online data is merged with customer data and Dun & Bradstreet's structured data sets. The result is a tool for automated lead generation.
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Scorecards for risk & credit management

Our statistical scorecards support our customers in assessing the business risks associated with a person or company. The scores and default probabilities are incorporated in the credit reports, decision and monitoring tools and portfolio management solutions that Dun & Bradstreet offers. In addition to the services that are available throughout our platforms, we create individualised scorecards for specific customers to support their risk strategy. In this way, we can optimise acceptance rates and minimise associated risks. This increases the turnover of our customers without changing their risk.
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Which segments should you focus on?

With the help of a customer segmentation model, data-oriented companies can more easily develop and implement strategies. Segmentation enables you to identify your most important market segments, their characteristics and transaction behaviour and provides information on how well you are positioned in each segment. In this way you achieve a uniform level of knowledge, also with regard to terminology, know your most important customers and ensure that all departments work towards a common strategic goal.
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Intelligent global acquisition processes

When searching for companies that are active in the "drones" or "Internet of Things" sector, you no longer need industry codes. Our solutions allow you to search for companies online using key terms and triggers, thus precisely narrowing down your target groups.
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Up-selling, cross-selling and churn management

Through predictive modelling we can determine which approach is most suitable for the individual customer. Based on the analysis of your existing customers and their behaviour, we determine whether a customer should be approached with a concrete offer or whether they are at risk of leaving, so that certain reactivation measures are necessary. This allows you to use your communication resources more efficiently and offer your customers a more personalised experience.

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The services of our Analytics teams at a glance:

  • Data analyses from Analytics experts
  • Global coverage
  • Additional services for all Bisnode and D&B offers
  • Customer profiling and market analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Scorecards for risk & credit management
  • Analysis-based and intelligent global acquisition processes
  • Customer prioritisation, up-/cross-selling, churn management
  • Segmentation

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