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Customer Insights

Always keep your customers in view


Data and analyses form the basis for relevant and valuable insights about your customers and prospects - keeping an eye on their behaviour and needs is crucial for the success of your business. We support you in acquiring comprehensive knowledge of your target group and their wishes, regardless of whether it is a single consumer or an entire industry. In this way you remain relevant for your customers and anchor your brand in their consciousness.

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Your existing customer management all covered, thanks to Customer Insights and 4 other important components

1. Data management

Structure and maintain customer data systematically
The efficient maintenance and management of existing customer relationships ensures your business success. Most important basis: A clean, structured database.
Increase in data quality
Only with high-quality customer data can meaningful analyses be carried out and valuable insights gained for a targeted customer approach. However, this requires constant data maintenance, which in its complexity is hardly manageable for many companies, both organisationally and technically. With our services for existing customer management, we reduce your expenditure in the company and ensure a permanently increasing data quality.
Efficiency through automated data maintenance
We have automated processes and systems that guarantee the highest quality and efficiency, from the suitability of address data to cleansing and enrichment with additional information (consumer and risk characteristics for private individuals and relevant company characteristics).
Central archive marketing database
Your customer data currently does not allow high-performance access, is distributed across different systems or the structure does not meet CRM requirements? In this case, we will develop a marketing database for you that is specially adapted to your requirements. So, you can efficiently use your existing customer data and can align your marketing and sales activities in a targeted manner. In addition to the setup, we also offer hosting and operation.
Security and privacy
The data of your existing customers deserve the utmost care with regard to data security and data protection. Not everything that is desirable or technically possible is also allowed. Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in data protection. We know what is possible and will always find a legally sound solution for you.

2. Customer Insights

Form target and value-oriented customer segments
On to new sales: Professional analysis methods provide insights into the behaviour of your customers and show where the most promising potential lies.
Identifying and retaining important customers
Using the latest data mining tools, segmentation and scoring methods, we identify the different groups of people for you on the basis of socio or geodemographic characteristics, consumer tendencies, risk factors or economic value such as profitability or expansion potential. The results serve you as a basis for decisions on targeted customer loyalty measures and the optimal use of your marketing budget.
Efficiency gains through segmentation
Not only customer data can be segmented. The segments themselves can also be described, selected and combined specifically for your business objective or sales market. Strategic segments help to reduce the complexity of your business and make optimal use of marketing resources. Value- and potential-oriented segments provide information about the importance of a customer (A, B, C customer) for your company and how the intensity of support should be classified. Demand-oriented segments characterise your product offering for cross- and up-selling approaches. Tactical segments illustrate where measures (e.g. retention measures for customers with a tendency to churn) are indicated.
Control creates transparency
With professional reporting, we make not only the campaign successes transparent, but also the development within your customer and data stocks.

3. Programme management

Individualised customer communication via all channels
More customer orientation, more campaign response, more cost efficiency - successful customer retention is based on an intelligent programme.
Managing complexity professionally
Customers today use many channels and expect individualised communication. For marketing communication, this means that many different measures, specifically geared to product and target group segments, must be developed, controlled and intelligently linked. Bisnode supports you in this challenge with professional programme management.
A contact strategy for all dialogue channels
Based on your marketing and sales goals, customer data and analysis results, we develop a cross-media contact strategy for you. It determines which offer, which target group, at what time and via which channel is best reached. Unwanted double addresses, action overlaps or irrelevant offer presentations are avoided. With the contact strategy and efficient campaign planning we help you to make efficient use of your existing customer potential and to bind them to the company.
Higher success rates with campaign optimisation
Naturally, we continuously record the behaviour of the customers we contact and incorporate the findings into the ongoing campaign. With the help of response analyses, we also improve upstream processes such as data selection or campaign planning (closed loop).
Making marketing processes more efficient
Many traditional workflows in marketing no longer meet the demands of modern communication. As experts in marketing automation, we help you to make your marketing processes more efficient and also take over complete processes when capacities are scarce.

4. Campaign implementation

From the idea to the response analysis
Dun & Bradstreet takes care of all the activities involved in running a campaign for you. Select as required. From individual services to complete solutions, everything is possible.
The whole campaign from one source
The implementation of a campaign is a tough job: Numerous steps must be coordinated and efficiently managed. As experts with many years of experience in dialogue marketing, we are very familiar with the relevant procedures and also lead large, cross-media campaigns with complex mechanisms to success.
Concept and creation
In addition to target group selection and offer development, we design the mechanics of the individual online and offline campaigns with response amplifiers, develop a campaign idea in line with the strategy and, if desired, also take care of the creative design according to the CD.
Effective modulation
As part of the campaign management, we coordinate a smooth production and ensure the target-group-specific, individualised distribution of your messages by post, email, call centre, display or landing page.
Optimisation and reporting
We integrate the measurement of success already in the conception and control phase. This enables us to feed relevant information on customer behaviour directly back into the database and use it for the subsequent campaign cycle. In this way, we automatically improve customer insight, deliver transparent reporting and increase your campaign success with every optimisation.

5. Systems and processes

Develop, implement and operate efficient data processes
The data streams are increasing, while at the same time the demands on data quality and process speed are rising. Dun & Bradstreet supports you with solutions that help you to filter and process relevant information in the best possible way.
We bring order to the system
Many companies know this: The customer database is growing and growing, but there is a lack of quality and structure to use it economically for the management of marketing and sales activities. The good news: You don't have to replace your existing CRM system right away, but can combine it with modern solutions, such as a suitable CRM software, a marketing database or a campaign management system.
The right technology for your requirements
As experts in the field of customer and prospect management, we have decades of practical experience in handling personal data and provide strategic and technical advice on all data processes. We support you in the selection of the right system for your needs, the integration and optimisation of the necessary ETL processes (extract, transform, load) as well as the design and development of the data warehouse (DWH). If required, we can also take over the hosting of your data as well as the technical and professional operation in addition to the overall project responsibility.