Your resilient supply chain in just five steps - Checklist 

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Ever changing conflicts, as well as trade barriers and stricter regulatory requirements mean that international supply chains need to be fundamentally realigned. But how can we permanently protect supply chains from future shock waves?  

Long delivery times, empty shelves: supply chains have been under enormous pressure since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Companies and entire economic areas have suffered serious competitive disadvantages as a result. According to a recent survey undertaken by Accenture, the economic damage resulting from supply chains which are broken and cannot be fixed in the mid-term is likely to reach EUR 920 billion by the end of 2023 in the eurozone alone. Resolving the supply chain issue is therefore among the most urgent tasks of economic policy-makers and decision-makers.  


Discover how you can make your supply chain more resilient in just five steps. Download our free-of-charge checklist and discover:  

  • what you need to do to keep your supply chain resilient at reasonable cost, even in the face of disruptive conditions. 
  • what you should consider when seeking to establish risk-oriented supply chains 
  • what you should always consider when selecting your suppliers 
  • how data can support you in making your supply chain more resilient.