Bisnode Index of Women Influence

What influence do women have on their economy?
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Bisnode study on International Women's Day 2020

The Bisnode Index of Women Influence (BIWI) reflects the influence of women on the economy in thirteen European countries. It measures the proportion of companies that have a female owner, CEO or chairman.

Hungary, Croatia and Sweden are the three leading countries in Europe when it comes to female managers in business. The entire DACH countries including Liechteinstein and Luxembourg have potential for improvement when it comes to the BIWI.

"Women’s participation in both ownership and governance issues are becoming increasingly important, not only for the individual company but for the economy as a whole. BiWi is a unique and important comparison of countries according to the influence women have on their economies,"
says Anna Albinsson, Chief Marketing Officer Bisnode

BiWi 2020 is topped by Hungary with an index of 160, followed by Croatia (142) and Sweden (131). The country with the highest female representation among large companies is San Marino.
Best in class vs Worst in class
Hungary: 160 / Luxembourg: 49
Croatia: 142 / Switzerland: 61
Sweden: 131 / Lichtenstein: 65

Facts about Bisnode Index of Women Influence (BiWi)
The BiWi is derived from two parameters: share in the total number of companies and representation in the largest companies. The average influence of women in all analyzed countries represents the base value (100). Countries with a BIWI over 100 show greater influence of women on the domestic economy in comparison to the average of all countries. .


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